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The platform has been designed and built to address the needs of the entire world wide Hindu community

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Authentic, as per Hindu scriptures. Extensive amount of information, complete coverage for the Hindu world.

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Everything you need to make a change, a breakthrough & a transformation in yourself & to the world.

Koogle Kuicker

Kuicker is a social media platform catering to the sharing of various Hinduism related information, comments and posts, supporting a wide variety of content forms, and allowing its users to build and manage their audiences as they see fit.

Koogle Photos

Photos is a Hinduism photography storage and sharing platform with a superb user interface, which allows users to upload, share and manage photos and albums, set appropriate privacy settings, and much more.

Koogle Klicks

Klicks is a beautiful way to share photos and stories with friends, family and followers. An image sharing social media platform, Klicks users can manage their content into albums, collections, topics and stories, apply filters and hashtags, comment and reply, plus many more features.

Join the Koogle digital eco-system

Calling all Hindus! It’s time to stand together and BE the positive change in the world!

The Koogle Eco-System is an authentic community for change-makers, visionaries and conscious minded Hindus and Hindu aspirants looking to make a positive change in this world. Join the Koogle community and have the entire Hindu world at your fingertips!

Coming Soon…

Koogle Music

Beautiful selections of Hindu satsangs, devotional songs, chanting of mantras, ringtones, and other such Hindu audio material, tailored for your listening pleasure.

Koogle Maps

Maps is another useful application that is currently in the works. Users will be able to locate regional and worldwide Hindu Temples, landmarks and relevant authentic Hindu businesses and professionals at a click of a button.

Koogle Calendar

While Koogle Calendar is still in the works, its users will soon have a comprehensive list of local and worldwide Hindu Festivals, Events and Celebrations at their fingertips, with the ability to find out about the event or celebration, add and import personal calendars and events, set reminders, and many more features.