Become an E-Citizen

When you become an E-Citizen of the United States of KAILASA, you will have access to Hindu Banking, Business & Legal Systems as well as KAILASA’s Enlightenment Eco System, not to mention the distinct pride and privilege of being an E-Citizen of the Only Hindu Nation in the World!

Who should apply?

E-Citizenship is open to Hindus, aspiring Hindus & all individuals with an interest in Hindu Religion, Culture, Heritage and Sciences etc. from all over the world irrespective of caste, creed, gender, color or sexuality.

Business owners

looking to operate in or from KAILASA and enjoy the benefits of its Business Framework


who want to access to SPH exclusive teachings and Programs


who want to access KAILASA’s Enlightenment Eco System and Spiritual services

Cultural nomads

interested in everything Hindu Culture & Heritage wise

Benefits of E-Citizen

Access to KAILASA's Business and Banking

  • Register & run a company in or from KAILASA
  • Open a personal or business account with KAILASA’s National Bank
  • Access to KAILASA’s Global Hindu Business Community and Framework

Access to KAILASA's Legal and Compliance Systems

  • Have your Business and Services certified by KAILASA’s Hindu Compliance System
  • Refer Hindu cases to the authority of KAILASA’s Hindu Supreme Court
  • Align your Business & Services to authentic Agamic Standards

Access to all of KAILASA's Hindu Temples & Rituals

  • Have access to all of KAILASA’s Hindu Agamic Temples all over the World
  • Exclusive access to Homas, Pujas & other Hindu Rituals
  • Privilege access for Yajman and Karta for KAILASA’s Temples & Rituals

Access to Hindu Diaspora & tons of Exclusive Services

  • Access to KAILASA’s Hindu Diaspora and Spiritual Embassies across the World
  • Access to Hindu Education System including KAILASA’s Gurukuls and Universities
  • Special access to Enlightenment Eco Systems & other services

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